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What Should Guys Remember When Hiring an Escort

It is with men’s needs and desires to be with a fabulous lady from time to time, and escorts make this happen without all the hard work. However, being an escort does not make a lady less of a woman. Therefore, it is still a must for men to treat her as a precious individual. If you plan to go out with one of the Sydney CBD escorts, always keep a few things in mind to fully enjoy her presence.

Things that You Should Consider Doing

Although you hire her as an escort, you would still want to keep her captivated for the moment. You should consider doing these things to make her want you more.

  • Treat her like a lady and not just a sexual object. Take her out on a date before you do the deed. Even a simple chat about her day will improve her view of you significantly.
  • Be respectful at all times or while you’re together. After all, if you want a lady to like you, you should be a gentleman, to begin with. Do not hesitate to ask about her likes and dislikes, especially about sexual stuff that she can and cannot allow. Make sure to always bring protection. It’s what any good guy will do.
  • Pay her upfront and before you hop to bed. Remember that it is their business we are talking about, and you should avoid being stingy and delaying payments. Always remember that money is one of the best things to make Sydney CBD escorts favour you.

Things that You Should Never Do

If you want your lady to favor you, you should not scare her away or turn her off with the following deeds:

  • Never make her feel suspicious of you. Introduce yourself properly, and avoid taking her to dodgy places. Most escorts are wary of men with bad intentions. Don’t be that guy.
  • Do not push her to do things that she doesn’t like, especially in bed. It would be best if you’d ask her first before doing anything, or slowly discover it with care. Better yet, be upfront with what you want before you make an appointment. This will ensure you get the kind of escort that you really want.
  • Do not forget to use protection. Failure to do so will mean a lot of bad consequences.

Now that you already know how men should treat a lady, you can hire Sydney CBD escorts and be their favourite clients. So the next time you hire one, they will treat you like royalty.

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Bro Code for Visiting High End Strip Clubs in Brisbane with Your Mates

A night out with your mates is a great time to let loose and act foolishly without the worry of feeling uncomfortable because, hey, you’re with the guys. But if you’re planning to visit high end strip clubs Brisbane offers, that’s going to be a different story.

These establishments have certain rules and a level of decorum expected of patrons. And with the quality of beautiful ladies, services, and facilities you’d get from high-class strip clubs, it’s only proper that you act like a gentleman worthy of these.

If you don’t want to be the jerk who lets your bros down on a night when you are all hoping to get some first-class action, follow these rules:

Thou shall be on time

There is a reason why you set an exact hour to meet up—you want to get the best seats in the house.

Even if strip clubs remain open until the wee hours of the morning, you have to be early on busy nights if you want to snag a good table or VIP room and catch the hottest performers in the top clubs in Brisbane.

Don’t be the reason why your group is stuck near the toilets.

Thou shall dress appropriately and groom properly

High-class strip clubs in Brisbane tend to have dress codes, and they can deny entry to anyone who doesn’t follow them.

You and your mates must dress accordingly in your freshest outfits and save yourselves the embarrassment of being shooed away by the bouncer.

Make sure you also shower and groom well. You wouldn’t want the dancers to steer clear from your table because you reek of sweat and look like you haven’t bathed in days.

Thou shall not rely on freebies

Everyone should chip in for the shared taxis/gas, food, etcetera and bring their own cash for tipping and getting a lap dance. If you have your heart set on having a good time in one of the high end strip clubs Brisbane has, such as at the OMFG Adult Lounge, then you’d better be able to afford it and not expect your friends to cover the cost. Unless it’s your bucks party or you have a millionaire buddy who insists on paying, that is.

Thou shall respect the dancers, staff, bouncers, other customers, and everyone else you bump into

Just because you are the customer, that doesn’t mean you can act like jerks. You and your buddies are expected to act like true gentlemen and treat everyone in the club with respect, no matter how much cash you have to spend.

If you insist on acting like spoiled boys and maltreat the performers and other staff, security won’t hesitate to show you that such behaviour will not be tolerated.

Thou shall not pick fights nor pay attention to the jerk who is looking for a fight

Don’t ruin your boys’ night out by getting into an altercation. Fights in strip clubs will end only in two ways—you and your mates are kicked out or you and everyone in your party are banned from the club.

Don’t let the booze and testosterone get the best of you.

Thou shall not steal thy mate’s chosen dancer

Just like you wouldn’t steal your friend’s girl, you also shouldn’t steal the stripper he’s been setting his eyes on. Why not be a true friend and buy him a lap dance from that dancer instead? Besides, with all the gorgeous high end strip clubs Brisbane strippers available for the picking, you will surely find your own beautiful lady to give you a good time.

Thou shall not go beyond thy alcohol limit if you are the designated driver

If it’s your turn to make sure everyone gets home safe, then honour that responsibility. Besides, you don’t need that much booze to enjoy partying with all the sexy and attractive beings around you.

However, in case you do get intoxicated, don’t risk your life and that of your mates by pretending you are still okay to drive. Call a taxi or use one of those ridesharing services.

Finally, put your game face on. High-class strip clubs in Brisbane are known for providing a night full of high-quality and unforgettable fun. Make sure you and your bros get to enjoy every bit of the action.

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Strip Clubbing: Things You Need to Know Before Entering the Club

Ever heard about the infamous lap dance Brisbane strip bars, like Eye Candy, offer? How about the hottest showgirls in Queensland that can only be found at Brisbane nightclubs? There’s definitely no reason for you to not experience world-class adult entertainment.

However, strip-clubbing is not just about entering a club and picking a stripper to satisfy your manly needs. Here is a rundown of things you need to know when strip clubbing:

Do Buy a Drink or Two

A strip club is a business establishment; not a free live entertainment for horny men. Bartenders, strippers, waiters, bouncers, and other bar employees rely on the sales the bar makes every night for their salary. Thus, do buy at least a couple of drinks and pay for a dance.

Be Generous with Tips

Brisbane strip bars, such as Eye Candy, are well-known for being some of the top-notch bars all over Queensland. They take pride in not just satisfying men with exquisite adult entertainment, but by providing an overall pleasant clubbing experience to every customer. Therefore, it is only right to give them a little token of appreciation by giving a generous tip.

Be Polite When Turning Down a Stripper

The lap dance Brisbane stripper bars offer is truly sensational. However, if having a gorgeous body dancing on your lap is not your thing, be polite enough and turn down the girl’s offer in a well-mannered way. No reasons, no alibis, and just saying a simple “no, thanks” would be enough.

Don’t Ask for Their Real Names or Mobile Numbers

Whether you are talking to a stripper or to a bartender, personal information is off limits. Strip bar employees have their own lives outside the bar and would like to keep it private as much as possible. Just because a girl laid her body on your lap doesn’t mean she wants something more than being your showgirl for the night.

Don’t Lose Your Self-Control

The hottest strippers, great drinks, booming club music, and hypnotising disco lights; one can easily lose himself at the best stripper bars in Brisbane. However, no matter how mesmerised you are with the sensual club atmosphere, getting a hold of one’s self is rather necessary if you don’t want to get kicked out.


A great variety of drinks, gorgeous women, and a boner-triggering lap dance Brisbane strip bars offer are what make people enjoy such places. While going to a strip club is a fantastic way to add to your Brisbane getaway bucket list, proper etiquette must be observed to have a trouble-free night.

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What Happens Inside Strip Clubs in Brisbane City?

There are plenty of myths and hearsays that people tell you about strip clubs Brisbane City or any other city with gentlemen’s clubs. Unfortunately, not all of these descriptions are accurate and true. Every club is unique but there several things that they all have in common.

What really happens inside these adult bars? This is the most asked question, especially by first timers. Familiarise yourself with how things work around the club. Take an insider peek of what awaits you on your next visit to a gentlemen’s club.

Girls Are Regular Visitors Too

It is true that most guests in strip clubs Brisbane City are men. But lady visitors are equally abundant too. In fact, you’ll find that a lot of women are among the regulars. Female customers also enjoy watching exotic dancers while drinking.

Strip Clubs Goers Follow Rules

Every bar has its own house rules that all guests are expected to follow. Both strippers and club goers are protected by these guidelines.This is to make sure that things don’t go overboard and out of hand. All visitors go by these rules. Breaking them can get you thrown out of the club or even face legal charges.

Private Dances in VIP Rooms

You may be wondering what actually happens in VIP rooms in clubs. The most that you can get from these rooms are lap dances and private performances. Even behind closed doors, the lady strippers are still protected by the rules of the club. You are still not allowed to touch them without consent or ask them to do something they are not comfortable doing. However, you get the privilege of watching the dancers in private and in the pace you want. You don’t have a lot of guests to compete with for the attention of a stripper.

No Two Strip Clubs Are The Same

Not all adult bars are alike regardless of their location. One club might offer cheaper drinks while another club might have better dancers. Nevertheless, no two strip clubs are identical. Your experience in one club will not be the same with the next bar you will be visiting. Never assume how a club is like unless you have been there.

Set your expectations straight before visiting a strip bar. Avoid unwanted surprises by knowing what actually happens inside. Know the truths of how an adult bar is really like to make your next visit more enjoyable.

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