Strip Clubbing: Things You Need to Know Before Entering the Club

Ever heard about the infamous lap dance Brisbane strip bars, like Eye Candy, offer? How about the hottest showgirls in Queensland that can only be found at Brisbane nightclubs? There’s definitely no reason for you to not experience world-class adult entertainment.

However, strip-clubbing is not just about entering a club and picking a stripper to satisfy your manly needs. Here is a rundown of things you need to know when strip clubbing:

Do Buy a Drink or Two

A strip club is a business establishment; not a free live entertainment for horny men. Bartenders, strippers, waiters, bouncers, and other bar employees rely on the sales the bar makes every night for their salary. Thus, do buy at least a couple of drinks and pay for a dance.

Be Generous with Tips

Brisbane strip bars, such as Eye Candy, are well-known for being some of the top-notch bars all over Queensland. They take pride in not just satisfying men with exquisite adult entertainment, but by providing an overall pleasant clubbing experience to every customer. Therefore, it is only right to give them a little token of appreciation by giving a generous tip.

Be Polite When Turning Down a Stripper

The lap dance Brisbane stripper bars offer is truly sensational. However, if having a gorgeous body dancing on your lap is not your thing, be polite enough and turn down the girl’s offer in a well-mannered way. No reasons, no alibis, and just saying a simple “no, thanks” would be enough.

Don’t Ask for Their Real Names or Mobile Numbers

Whether you are talking to a stripper or to a bartender, personal information is off limits. Strip bar employees have their own lives outside the bar and would like to keep it private as much as possible. Just because a girl laid her body on your lap doesn’t mean she wants something more than being your showgirl for the night.

Don’t Lose Your Self-Control

The hottest strippers, great drinks, booming club music, and hypnotising disco lights; one can easily lose himself at the best stripper bars in Brisbane. However, no matter how mesmerised you are with the sensual club atmosphere, getting a hold of one’s self is rather necessary if you don’t want to get kicked out.


A great variety of drinks, gorgeous women, and a boner-triggering lap dance Brisbane strip bars offer are what make people enjoy such places. While going to a strip club is a fantastic way to add to your Brisbane getaway bucket list, proper etiquette must be observed to have a trouble-free night.

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